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French Bulldog vs Boston Terrier

There are many things to consider between a French Bulldog vs Boston Terrier. They are both great dogs for the right family.
French Bulldog is adaptable and a great pet for condo and apartment dwellers. French Bulldog’s cannot be kept outside because they can get heat stroke.  They can get most of their exercise inside, but they would appreciate a short walk daily.
French Bulldog’s have a tough outside appearance, but they are a lover at heart. They are best for a family or person to spend a lot of time with to enjoy their company.
There are some issues to consider. They may not be fond of cats, small children or dogs they do not know. In addition, do not let them get near water for French Bulldog’s are poor swimmers. You need patience for a puppy that is being potty trained.
Boston Terrier can be an excellent choice for a family with children, other pets or senior citizens. They are intelligent and playful. 
Like French Bulldog’s need to be kept inside. They can overheat. They don’t like to dig, but can be a loud snorer. Often a Boston Terrier are picky eaters.
Either breed would be a great choice. You need to select the one that is best for your situation. One thing to consider, some dogs of the same breed can be different especially older dogs.
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