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How to Teach Your Dog To Swim

How to Teach your Dog to Swim

Do you know your dog can be a lifesaver? Dogs are just like a man; they aren’t just good for hunting and other things but does great in swimming provided they are well trained.  Not every dog knows how to swim. Many dog breeds are swimmers; breeds include retrievers, water spaniels, setters, Kerry blue terriers, Cocker spaniels and poodles. More so, some needs little encouragements and breeds with huge and heavy body like bulldogs, corgis Scottish terriers, greyhounds need more encouragement because of their body size.

Puppy socialization

Some owners do not understand the importance of this process. It is a vital part of your puppy’s development and should be incorporated into your training schedule. Do you have your house close to a lake? You have a pool at your house.  Almost 10,000 dogs drown every year in the United States because of their easy access to pool or lake and inability to swim or dive. Training your dog to swim has several benefits such as saves them when stranded or drowning, help reduce heat during summer, serves as an exercise to lose weight and have less chance of developing cardiovascular disease.

Steps to teach your dog to Swim ·      

Choose the training Ground (River or Pool)

First, the area you choose must be safe for you and your dog to enter. A shallow lake or pond is ideal but in a case where you choose a river, you must be conversant with the spot well. The area mustn’t be muddy in order not to hold down the paws of your dog.

Get your dog used to water

Get your dog addicted to water and splash before setting out for your training. You can achieve this by playing with the dog near water; throw some toy to the shallow area of the pool or river to splash water on your dog. Once the dog is comfortable with the environment, you can proceed to the next stage. Note this might take you some days. ·      

Get all kits Available

A life jacket is the number one kit you need to help your dog. Get your puppy used to this kit before going swimming, you can wear it for him at home while taking a walk until he’s used to it. This helps you hold of him when drowning and aid buoyancy for the pet. Life jacket gives confidence to your puppy while swimming, as he will feel on top of the world. ·      

Let your Dog walk into the water

Put leach on your dog’s neck and walk together to the shallow area of the water and make him wet. Walk him in and out until he gains confidence. ·      

Use Your Toy or Ball

The ball is more advisable because of its ability to float since you require a floating object that your dog needs to catch. Throw your ball at distance with the life jacket on your dog; paddle him there to catch the ball and repeat this more and more until he’s able to get there alone. ·      


Make your dog paddle with his front feet without splashing water and heads out of water.

Water safety

Many dogs love to fetch sticks and other buoyant objects from the water but know that just like us, they are susceptible to cramping or tiring. Puppies, elderly dogs, and smaller breeds will tire so be sure not to let them overexert themselves, if exercising with a fitter, more able dog. A dog cannot learn to swim from the first lesson, so you probably must repeat the experience several days. The dog will swim. Of great help in this process will be another dog already able to swim. Be careful not that the dog don’t swallow too much water and use words like “No” during the lesson because the dog will think of he does something wrong and you will ruin everything you’ve built before. When the dog comes out of water, rinse the fur because the pool or sea water is harmful to skin. Teach your dog to swim and both you and your canine companion will enjoy hours frolicking in the water, not to mention first-rate socializing opportunities!

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How to teach your dog to swim

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