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Walking Dog in Rain

Walking your dog in rain can be a challenge.  Your dog may not enjoy getting wet or they get scared at the sound of thunder. They can’t tell the difference from thunder and lightning or just clouds and rain.
Marley is a Lab / Heeler mix and loves getting wet and always wants a walk. Whether it is raining, full speed ahead. I had an English Setter who could not be walked when it was cloudy. She was terrified of thunder. Duchess was a well-trained dog, but the sight of clouds would make her shake.
The key is to walk them in the rain as a puppy. Use an umbrella and give plenty of verbal praise and treats if needed. You can get them rain gear to keep them dry. If it is thundering, give them a treat to associate the reward to that awful noise.
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In an ideal world, your dog would know how to use the toilet in your house and all this "going outside" business would be just for the fun of it. But in the real world, rain or shine, a dog's bathroom is outdoors.



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