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What Dog Breed is Right for Me?

What Dog Breed is Right for Me?

There is no perfect dog breed for everyone. All breeds of dogs have their pros and cons. Even dogs of the same breed do not always have the same traits. Dog owners all believe their dog’s personality is unique. Even if they own two dogs of the same breed, perhaps even from the same litter, they’ll say each dog has a personality all his own.

We will do our best to help you make the right selection for you. Many dogs are mixed breeds and they make great pets.

First, you must decide whether you want a puppy or an adult dog. While the puppy is cute, there is more work involved to make him fit in with you and your family. The puppy must be potty trained, socialized and understand what they can do without getting into trouble. An adult dog should be potty trained and socialized.

The habits, manners, and temperament of an adult dog (at least two years old)are set and easy for you to evaluate. Many dog rescue groups, shelters, adoption services, etc., will allow you to take a dog on a trial basis. You can take him home for a few days to see if his personality is compatible with you, your family, your other pets. You can find out if the dog fits what you’re looking for a in a new furry companion. If not, you can take him back.

Adult dogs require less care, attention and training than puppies. An adult dog need not go to the bathroom as often as a puppy. They are usually housetrained and often know the difference between a chew toy and your favorite pair of shoes.

A puppy is like a lump of clay waiting to be molded by you. You can raise him to be your ideal companion. This presumes you know how to train a dog and have the time—and the desire—to do so

You should think about is the size of the dog.

If you live in an apartment, you may think it’s best to limit your pooch possibilities to small dogs. But you don’t have to. Large dogs can make wonderful apartment companions as long as they receive regular exercise during walks or dog park visits. Large dogs are often calmer and quieter than small dogs (less barking for neighbors to complain about). Dogs of any size will make great apartment pets as long as we train them.

If you have small children, would a small dog be better? Any dog, regardless of size or breed, may be frightened and irritated by children. A dog that feels threatened is more likely to bite. The bite of a Chihuahua will be less severe than that of a Rottweiler. Dogs of any size can make good companions for children if they are trained and socialized around children (but also make sure someone teaches your children how to act around dogs).

Small dogs eat less (so are cheaper to feed); and you’ll have smaller piles of poop to clean up. They can be easier to control (they cannot drag you down the street during your walk). But again, proper training will enable you to control any dog of any size..

If you find a particular breed of dog appealing, get information about it from resources. Ask a veterinarian if the breed is prone to any health issues. Get information from people who own the breed.

Some other things to consider is your lifestyle. What are the best dogs for hikers or homebodies? Do they get along with your other pets? We adopted a Great Dane and already had a Lab / Heeler Mix. We believed the reason the previous owners gave away the Great Dane is Zoe does not like small dogs. Marley and her are best buddies and one will not go outside with the other. When they play, they are loud, but do not harm each other.

Regardless of the many reasons for picking a particular dog whether pedigree, size, cuteness, or other traits you find appealing the success of the relationship between you and your new friend will depend on how you raise and train him. What Dog Breed is Right for Me has no set answer, but the more you research the better your choice will be.


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