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Dog Charity Donations

Marley Zoe Deals is committed to protecting dogs in every community. We donate on every purchase to various dog charities in the United States. There are many excellent charities, but here is the charity that we will send donations to for 2019:

Greater Good

We will send them donations monthly starting in Oct,2019. Every purchase help them to feed shelter animals. Your purchases will provide bowls of dog food to shelter dogs.

Bowls of Food for Shelter Dogs Per Item Sold

Coffee Table 100

Car Seat Covers 50

Bedding Sets 50

Dog House 50

Bluetooth Speaker 50

Blankets 30

Bath Robes 30

Shower Curtain 30

Floor Mats / Sunshades 30

Dog Beds 30

Jewelry 30

Clothing 30

Throw Pillow 30

Watch 30

Bath Mat 30

Umbrella 30

Everything Else 20